Branded Entrance Mats


Branded Matting Solutions, Rubber Modular Matting, Aluminium Grid Mat Panels, PVC Coil Mat, Natural Coir Mats

Modular and panel entrance door matting systems have been specifically designed and compiled for use in all weather conditions and for areas of light, medium or heavy traffic, where maximum floor protection is demanded, value for money is expected and longevity is guaranteed. These matting solutions can also be branded or used for advertising purposes for office building, public locations, venues, events, shopping centres and more.

Printed carpet Advertising, Branding product launch, exhibition & promotional POS, POP floor mat manufactured in Nylon, Polyester and Rubber backed & printed carpet media products manufactured in various Nylon, Rubber PVC, forms, sizes & quantities can be placed almost anywhere ideal for short or long term product promotions, corporate events or exhibitions and product launches.

Mats Direct are trusted suppliers of high quality door mats, entrance matting and specialist matting solutions in the UK and across the World. As the name suggests they know all there is to know when it comes to designing, manufacturing, suppling and fitting high grade branded entrance mats or branded door mats. For more information please visit: